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"In their common pursuits of acceptance, friendship and social justice, these writers demonstrate that there are truths and desires that transcend lines of color, sexuality and class. In sounding common chords of humanity, their voices, together, create a mighty chorus."


"An anthology of essays by women of color documenting their vast experiences around the world inside different economic, social, and geopolitical systems, including a piece written by the actress America Ferrera. (The book was also produced entirely by women of color, from writing and editing to design and promotion.) We’re lucky to have a wealth of new books to help focus the mind and bring some peace, clarity, and wisdom to our daily routines." 


"Inspiring and profound, this exciting compilation of first person nonfiction by women of color including America Ferrera, Porochista Khakpour, and more, offers a much-needed and wide ranging perspective on the 21st-century human condition.

                                                                                                      ~~ BUST Magazine

“All The Women in My Family Sing would make great holiday gift for ourselves + the women of color in our lives to read, as well as for our diverse friends and creative peers that we hope to share the first step in awareness with!”

~~ DARLA Media

"Inside the collection, trailblazing activists and writers open up about the intergenerational relationships that shaped their identities and their work in tender and brave poetry and prose. As the diversity of their voices comes together, readers acutely recognize the importance finding home can have in our journeys toward building a better world... "

                                                                                                        ~~ Ms. Magazine

“The works in All The Women In My Family Sing are all unique, inspiring, and enlightening. Together, they create a collection that can forge connection and bridge differences by giving their readers a glimpse of what it means to be a woman of color in the US.”

~~ BUST Magazine, October 2018

"All the Women in My Family Sing is a book for anyone who has women in their life, wants to explore the complexities and diversities of this world’s women, and simply for those who appreciate a good personal story. This is a highly recommended, glittering piece of literature that would do well to grace the coffee tables of our homes, to the required reading lists of our educational institutions."

                                                                                                     ~~ Picture This Post

"Santana, an author, activist and filmmaker, carefully showcases the depth and breadth of women’s voices on family, identity and culture."

~~The Root

"All the Women in My Family Sing" is on a different beat. The anthology is a passionate blend of personal stories by women of color from all walks of life — and women of color took part in the entire production of the book.

                                                                                                        ~~ NPR - KALW

"All the Women in My Family Sing challenges the history of non-inclusivity in publishing and is a call to action to foster inclusivity and share diversity, through the experiences of women of color."

                                                                                                    ~~ Color Magazine

"There is a need to illuminate the diversity and complexity of women’s experiences in the world. I want people to be inspired by the essays in the anthology and to realize that all people are more alike than we are different."

                                        ~~ Interview with Deborah Santana on Motherhood Later

Deeply rooted in the fight for gender equality is the relationship between mothers and daughters. Women's rights were fought for by mothers who wanted their daughters to experience freedoms they never could. now a new book is uniting and empowering generations of women by sharing the realities, joys, and challenges of motherhood.

                                                                                                         ~~ WLFA - TV

" ... The many ways one can receive an education is a running thread throughout and will comfort students unsure of their own future and underline the necessity of voicing their experiences—or, as Hope Wabuke writes in “What Is Said”: “There are some moments in history when, if you are a writer and have been gifted with this uncanny ability to observe and make meaning in harmonious forms, you have a responsibility to look. To bear witness.” VERDICT A top purchase for most YA nonfiction collections.

                                                                       ~~ Della Farrell, School Library Journal

The essays in this book capture the wisdom of these powerful women as they build bridges to “heal the brokenness in today’s turbulent world”.

                               ~~Interview with Deborah Santana on Black America - CUNY TV

"Our anthology’s purpose is to bring healing to our world, to open dialogue between people who have not spoken to someone different than them, and to create solidarity between those who have suffered racism, exclusion, abuse or marginalization. It is time for a book that was created completely by women of color to be in the hands of people so they may be inspired and changed. We want healing, not division."

                                ~~ Interview with Deborah Santana on BookMarketingBuzzBlog

"For those who love womankind—and those seeking to understand the depth and breadth of womanhood— All the Women in My Family Sing is a timely reminder that when it comes to women of color, love is still a revolutionary act."

                                                                                                            ~~The Glow Up

"An uncommonly rare and inherently compelling read from cover to cover, "All the Women in My Family Sing: Women Write the World: Essays on Equality, Justice, and Freedom" is an especially and unreservedly recommended addition to community, college, and university library Women's collections and supplemental studies reading lists. It should be noted for the personal reading lists of students, academia, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the subject..."

                                                                                      ~~Midwest Book Review

"Most writings by women assume literary proportions and are therefore too often regulated to literary readers and collections. This anthology addresses social issues and women's experiences, layering creative writing and literature with an eye to considering and exposing social injustice and struggles for freedom. 

The result is a highly recommended collection powerful in literary approaches, diverse in subject and presentation, yet accessible to all thinking women who look for a blend of emotion-based experiential pieces and ways of navigating through wounded pasts to better futures."

                                                                                           ~~Donovan's Bookshelf

"All the Women in My Family Sing: Women Write the World — Essays on Equality, Justice and Freedom (Nothing but The Truth, $16.95) showcases social commentary seldom heard. After all, who listens to females of color outside celebrity Oprah Winfrey or political firebrand Maxine Waters?

Edited by Deborah Santana, lauded by Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Alfre Woodard, this international collection of 69 contributors adds a chorus that should be heard and well-heeded."

                                                                            ~~Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder

"All The Women In My Family is a collection of narratives by women of color, detailing their experiences in a world that is often cruel to them, their bodies, and their cultures. Each selection communicates strength and triumph through hardship, as well as redemption through leadership and a resilience that is often ignored."

                                                          ~~Interview with Deborah Santana on BookTrib

"All of the contributors to this lively anthology are female writers of colour, and what a startlingly diverse gathering it is. There’s a Liberian academic who wrote an anti-corruption children’s book, a Cherokee Nation writer and teacher, an apartheid-era “criminal” who is now a Cape Town lawyer, a Latina journalist from Long Island, a Cambodian woman who lost 37 family members in the killing fields of the ’70s, a Chicana art historian based in California, an Afro-British poet living in Berlin, a Sri Lankan novelist and many more. It’s a thrilling medley from around the globe."

~~The Toronto Star

"Activist and author Deborah Santana also wants women’s voices heard, women of color. After putting out a call for submissions, her book contains 69 of the more than 300 essays submitted."

                                                          ~~Interview with Deborah Santana on WAMC 

"It gives a windows into what these women of color have faced..."

                                                     ~~Interview with Lisa A. Jones on WCVB-CityLine

"For the past three years, author and activist for peace and social justice, Deborah Santana has been working on a collection of prose and poetry by women of color. The result: All The Women in My Family Sing."

~~Interview with Deborah Santana on PRX

"All the Women in My Family Sing is a new book centering on one idea: women telling their stories."


"There’s something absolutely compelling about the stories in 'All the Women in My Family Sing.' They’re like an addiction."

"Read one, and your eyes fly open. Turn to the middle and your heart sinks. Taste one at random and find a kindred spirit, then disagree with another that just doesn’t touch you right. That’s the appeal of this book: each of the essays in here — written by everyday women as well as those with fame — are short enough to dip into quick, you can easily skip around, and they’ll all make you think and think and think."

"Yes, “All the Women in My Family Sing” is for women. It’s more feminist than not. And yes, men can enjoy it, too, because reading it is like falling into a web of nourishing voices. This is a book to have, no matter who you are."

                                                                                              ~~Caribbean Life News

Activist and author Deborah Santana says she wants her new anthology to create a "conversation to educate and illumine, as well as to give hope, strength, power and joy."


"At this momentous time in our world, our nation and our collective consciousness, it is important to begin to look much more intensely at what we have in common as human beings rather than what separates us."

~~Deborah Santana, interviewed in Marin Magazine

"Santana gathers an articulate, often moving collection of essays focused on cultural and gender identity, the meaning of home, work experiences, social justice, family and friendship, beauty, sexuality, illness, and journeys...." 

~~ Kirkus  

"Deborah Santana, editor of the forthcoming All the Women In My Family Sing: Women Write the World: Essays on Equality, Justice, and Freedom (Nothing But the Truth Publishing), felt that NCIBA inspired a spirit of unity and a celebration of diversity among publishing professionals..."

~~ Publishers Weekly

"This moving anthology of essays by women of color illuminates the struggles, traditions, and life views of women at the dawn of the 21st century. The 69 authors grapple with identity, belonging, self-esteem, and sexuality, among other topics..."

~~ Publishers Weekly

"All the Women of My Family Sing is a rousing compilation by sixty-nine women of color, featuring essays that address personal and collective identity, history, place, perspective, sexuality, immigration, and modern day life..."

~~ Foreword Reviews

"13 books to watch for in the first half of 2018" -
"Mothers, sisters, daughters, grandmothers — the essays in this collection are written by women of color from around the world and range from an escape from the “killing fields” of Cambodia to stories of love and desire."


"Santana has assembled and introduced a timely, geographically diverse collection of essays, often very personal in nature..."

Booklist Online
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"Verdict: ALL THE WOMEN IN MY FAMILY SING is a luminous collection of women speaking their truths, and speaking them loudly."

~~ IndieReader

~~Essence Magazine, April 2018

~~Essence Magazine, April 2018

"At the NCIBA booth on the trade show floor, several of the contributing authors signed their collection All the Women in My Family Sing: Women Write the World: Essays on Equality, Justice, and Freedom (Nothing But the Truth Publishing; January 30, 2018), edited by Deborah Santana. Seated at the table, r.-l.: Kira Lynn Allen, Samina Ali, Deborah Santana, Phiroozeh Petigara, Marti Paschal, Charina Lumley, Nayomi Munaweera."  ~~   Shelf Awareness

"At the NCIBA booth on the trade show floor, several of the contributing authors signed their collection All the Women in My Family Sing: Women Write the World: Essays on Equality, Justice, and Freedom (Nothing But the Truth Publishing; January 30, 2018), edited by Deborah Santana. Seated at the table, r.-l.: Kira Lynn Allen, Samina Ali, Deborah Santana, Phiroozeh Petigara, Marti Paschal, Charina Lumley, Nayomi Munaweera."

~~ Shelf Awareness