Featuring Nira A. Hyman

Grandma, however, always had my back

About Nira

Nira A. Hyman has been copyediting and proofreading for more than fifteen years with publishing companies such as Scholastic, Bloomsbury and Wiley. Well versed in the Chicago Manual of Style, The Gregg Reference Manual and Words into Type and familiar with the AMA Manual of Style, Nira is experienced with rewriting and editing copy; fact-checking; and developing and executing story ideas in magazines and manuscripts and on websites. A novelist in her own right, she currently edits for Bloomsbury Books and individual clients, covering a broad range of fiction and nonfiction.


We had the opportunity to interview author Nira A. Hyman, whose essay "New Year's Day" appears in All the Women in My Family Sing. This is what we learned...

What inspired you to write your essay for this anthology?

Memories of good food, imperfect personalities, and love

What is one of the most memorable challenges you have experienced as a woman of color in the 21st century?

An oldie but goodie: being heard authentically, without being filtered or being told I’m Too Much.

What do you most hope readers will take away from reading this book?

I hope as always that one person recognizes truth in these essays. That they find a mirror into themselves that brings them back to read more. It’s the best gift I could give.